4D Construction Planning

VPMTech Lab provides 4D analysis that can be utilised throughout the entire project lifecycle to:

  • Communicate strategy and identify risk at feasibility and planning stages
  • Demonstrate methodologies, staging and site usage to gain competitive advantage in tenders
  • Enhance the effectiveness of management reporting and problem solving during design and construction stages
  • Visually monitor activities on or near the critical path 
  • Present comparisons of planned versus actual to demonstrate impacts of delays during dispute resolution

Software Development

Based on the characteristics of your business, operations flow, problems, etc., we propose and develop software/mobile/web applications that are optimal and cost-effective for your ideas and budget. We focus on project management tool developement, regardless of industry you belong whatever it is Education, Logistic, Hospitality, ,.. or Business management or Construction management. VPMTech Lab leverages advanced software development and cloud computing expertise to help build functional, scalable, user-friendly and robust SaaS and apps.

Software Quality Assurance

Our QA team made the software quality assurance plan comprises the procedures, techniques, and tools that are employed to make sure that a product or service aligns with the requirements defined in the SRS (software requirement specification). Based on the plan we set the checkpoints, apply software techniques while having multi-testing strategy and Enforcing Process Adherence.

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