Our Project Management Tool

It's our main project managment tool. SYNCHRO 4D is a real-time cloud solution that enables digitally enhanced construction planning and operations.  The only platform that interoperates with all major 3D modeling and scheduling tools in the market, you can count on SYNCHRO 4D to handle your most complex construction projects. Take advantage of virtual construction, planning, and model-based workflows.

ScheduleReader is a standalone software that dynamically presents project data from XER and XML schedules exported from Oracle® Primavera® P6® , that users can easily filter, organize and share with project stakeholders.

As an independently developed tool, it works with project files without connecting to any database, and can open any large project plans in just a few seconds.

Who can use it?

From non schedulers who only wish to review a schedule, to schedulers and project controls who need quick access to view schedule data, create reports or perform analysis.

ScheduleReader is widely used as XER file viewer and an alternative to viewing project data in static PDF printouts or Excel files.

Why consider?

Provides fast, interactive overview of project data.

Improves project communication and coordination between teams.

ScheduleCleaner™ is a stand-alone application that allows you to modify certain project categories and save these changes into new project file. Project Schedulers and managers with ScheduleCleaner™ have the ability to remove confidential data from the project file and personalize the information in the file according specific stakeholders’ needs.
ScheduleCleaner™ will not change original project plan that is exported from Primavera P6 database. It will make a copy of it and modification that are done will be saved in the new file.

Our Development Products

Projects, Corporation Management, Materials Arrangement

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a team of one,run your projects seamlessly with a Kanban board suited to your workflow.

Manage and keep track of your day-to-day tasks,so you never miss a beat in your productive life.

Delegation Management System

This web app will help to manage the complex planning that require the delegation to complete tasks within the larger goal. With DMS application, Effective managers have discussions and a method for delegating;

  • the proper tasks
  • to the proper person
  • at the proper time
  • in the proper manner
  • with the proper follow-up

Our Technology

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